Bill Payment

Bill payment service is available at all Circle K stores.

  • Living expenses bills: electricity, water, telephone, cable TV, internet, school
  • Financial bills: insurance, credit card, loan, leasing services, etc.
  • Supplier payment: partner companies.

You can quickly settle the bills 24/7. It has never been easier than that.

Top Up Services

Phone top up is available at all Circle K stores.

  • You can send phone credits to your own number or even a friend.
  • Buy a phone top up voucher that you can send to anyone, or keep to yourself for later use. It works with these operators in Cambodia: Cellcard, Smart, Metfone, QB, Seatel, Cootel

Besides phone top up, you can buy other top up tickets (credit) for other services.

Sim Card

You can find most popular SIM cards both regular/local and tourist SIM card at all Circle K stores.


Using ATM at Circle K stores, it means fast, convenient (24/7) and safe!

Money Transfer