Enjoy our food service with the commitment to deliver “Fresh & Delicious” range of offers from local to international choices. Our delightful menu will offer you the best possible solution wherever you are and at any time of the day. Our food are always ready for you.


Circle K has been developed to meet the preferences of true coffee lovers’ and became one of the country’s best-tasting coffee. Our menu offers classic selections of espresso based beverages and brewed coffee, served in different sizes. Central Coffee blends with best coffee beans to start your day the right way! Delight your appetite and stop by your nearest Circle K!

Froster Drink

Circle K brings the buster to your thirst 24/7 thanks to our froster drinks. Especially, “Mix and Match by yourself” creates lots of fun to you and your dear friends whenever you want to enjoy all available flavors in one cup of drink. We never stop introducing new and exciting drinks for you to try.



Looking for a fresh-baked treat? Stop by our Circle K store today – we have breads, rolls, muffins and many other goods that will have you thinking you are visiting bakery shop.

Dairy & Deli

Our dairy and deli are always clean, fresh and rotated. We know how important it is to you to have the freshest dairy products every day. Choose from a wide selection of fresh dairy products, and packaged meats and cheeses. You can count on Circle K for quality, freshness and affordable prices!

Candy & Biscuit

Our wide range of candies, chewing-gum, chocolates and biscuits & cookies – suitable for all age groups – enables you to have a good snack to continue the day with lots of joys.

Tea Eggs

Tea egg is one of the most famous hot food of Circle K. Only available our store, our tea eggs are filled with the scent of Assam black tea. You can always have a good taste of real Chinese local meal here. Gotta give them a try!

Fresh Fruits

Needless to say, Cambodia – as a tropical country – has a wealth of fresh fruits on daily offer. You can also find high quality imported fruits in our stores. Regain your energy while enjoying amazing and delicious fruits in Circle K. 

Chips & Snacks

At Circle K, Chips & Snacks are the most diversified categories with all different choices from local to international chips, seaweeds, nuts, dried meats/fishes…


We offer a wide and exciting range of delicious ice-cream with different flavours, shapes and sizes (sticks, cones, in small and big pins).

Edible Grocery

Circle K provides canned food, condiments, tea & coffee, especially instant noodles in pack and cup. A cup of hot and delicious noodles, made with the free hot water which is always available at Circle K stores, will make you feel great at any time of the day.

Packaged Drink

Most of the popular and favorable drinks in town are available at Circle K including water, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, sport drinks, coffee, tea, juices…


Alcoholic Drink

Circle K offers you a wide range of beer, cooler, wine from famous local brands to international well-known brands. Our 24/7 service enables you to keep your parties going.

General Merchandise

Our products will fulfill your basic needs from batteries, stationery, detergents, softeners to medical facial masks, tissues, toilet papers, umbrellas and raincoats.

Health & Beauty

Together with a big range of hair-care, cosmetics, family planning, feminine hygiene, skin cares, baby cares…, our well-trained staff and modern store concept will enhance your shopping experience to the next level of excitement.